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Lucky Horze

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Digital Release

Practical Income Solutions

Lucky Horze is able to provide this services due to years of  specialized experience in theatrical distribution, digital distribution, marketing and consultancy for all types of Entertainment Projects and Events. We are located at the India's commercial hub, in the middle of the island, Mumbai. We deal in TV, Films, Reality Shows, Web Series, Music Videos, Music Albums, Short Films, Documentaries, Sketches, Listicles, Events, etc. Get in touch with us today to learn how this service can make a difference in your ready or upcoming project.

PR and Marketing Strategist

Image Management

Lucky Horze provides Communication Strategy Group to gain support for various public relation activities and inquiries from the all types of media. We also provide news in form of Feature, One on One Interview, Media Bites, Snippets. We also create celerity news articles for various news platforms (Physical / Digital / YouTube / Knowledge) for all types infotainment platforms, mainly in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati languages. We cater to one of the most basic query of 'How to manage IMDb'? We help in creating and managing IMDb profiles.

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Project Research and Reporting

Authentic Subject Detailing

Lucky Horze has joined hands with very recognized researchers, journalists, historians and other experts in various fields who makes available very authentic and verified information for our client's projects. Be it details of a character, elements of an Era or costumes of an extinct tribe, we prepare an extensive and detailed report for our client to enhance the aesthetics of the project which eventually adds a flavour in the project's Pitch Bible.

Project Proposals and Presentation

Project's Extended Hands

Frequently utilized by our clients, this service has been essential to success on many occasions. Along with our unique professional perspective, this service has helped clients reach new heights and gain more significant influence through their projects. We make full proof related to Information, Project Skills, Selling the project, Problem Solving and Decision Making Presentations. We also make Look book, Business Proposals, Channel/OTT Proposals, Business Teasers, Deck, Customized Call Sheet Formats, Customized Master Sheet ,etc. If you’d like to learn more about this service, simply get in touch.

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Collaboration & Associations

Lucky Horze work with Production Houses, Artists, Producers, Directors, Organizers, Various technical talents, Media, Journalists, Periodicals to take charge of its Brand Awareness, Distribution, Making and PR campaigns. The client can hope to increase its brand recognition with us. Our forte to manage a Brand's PR is with resource assignment, beneficial marketing plan, commercial offers, non-commercial offers, media pitches, distribution strategy and video work.

Event Consulting

Practical Solutions

Lucky Horze has plethora of experience in execution of physical and non-physical events. We take care of garnering vitals to conduct an event like getting administrative permissions, press release, celebrity management, audience engagement or entire show flow and design. With extensive technical expertise and a knack for clear and creative ideas, we serve to make each project reach a new level. Reach out today and schedule a consultation.

Digital social media

180 Degree Advertising

Project Promotion and Awareness

Lucky Horze serves to maximize the project visibility and gain eyeballs by making an unforgetful brand awareness by deploying intelligent business and  marketing strategies and reaching every targeted classes with the means of  all promotional platforms like Radio promotion, Newspapers, News Websites, Billboards, public transport advertisements, complete Digital and Social Media promotions with use of trending hashtags to increase viewership and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and many top-of-the-chart methods. If you wish to get a detailed insight of this service, reach out now and schedule a consultation.

Film Festival Planning

Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Lucky Horze provides a specialized service for reaching out and showcasing your projects in film festivals around the globe. We provide guidance to  select and approach best festivals where your project receives best recognition and create a straight path to avail future benefits. We manage to care that your project meets the guidelines of the targeted festivals and all pre and post formalities are accomplished. If you are planning for a festival, schedule a consultation now.

Film Preview
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Project Consultant

Entertainment Pundit

Lucky Horze provides Consultancy and direct genuine connections to aspiring Producers, Actors, Models, Artists, etc. We also provide complete project consultancy from the beginning of the project and provide better solutions and suggestions to benefit the project commercially and to create a brand before its release. The guidance includes from which actor's services to be hired to how many screens we should target,  or which digital zone to be targeted? From Who should handle the Brand Tie ups till Which technician's talent and name can help the project in entirety?

Exclusive and
Non - Exclusive Deals with Digital Platforms.

Profitable Digital Distribution Deals

So you have your project ready to release and wants to get the best deals in the digital market, Lucky Horze provides consultancy to choose the best Digital platform and cracks the deal with digital platforms where your project is most well received and recognized. We make the deal to either outright or on revenue sharing basis which we estimate is better for the producer in long run. Deals are done on exclusive and non-exclusive basis where we manage to make the content available as exclusive and limited to a single platform or non-exclusively available on multiple platforms simultaneously or as per mutually agreed terms.

Signing Contract

Project Design


Lucky Horze designs the complete Project from hiring talents till planning the release and post release marketing and cracking deals for best Revenue Generations from multiple platforms.

Tie-ups and Clients

Successful Partnerships

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