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Revenue Model


Lucky Horze releases and distributes all approved music tracks across its premium audio streaming platforms worldwide.​

Upon releasing, the project starts generating revenue based on the number of times the track is viewed, streamed or downloaded across all streaming platforms. ​


The entire revenue generated from all the platforms e.g. Digital, Mobile, Events, OTT, Subscribed payouts, etc. are compiled for at least Ninety working days from the date of release and the total generated revenue will be transferred to the client as per mutually agreed with necessary paper work. The client will join hands with Lucky Horze for the distribution purpose for the tenure of five years.

Payment models of each platform vary from each other so the said project can generate "X" amount on one platform and can generate more than "X" on another platform for same number of streams and downloads. We disburse the revenue only after reaching the least limit of revenue generation decided by each platforms.


We distribute each audio on all of our partner platforms and the distributed audio is published subject to approval as per individual platform guidelines. If any audio doesn't meet the publishing criteria of any platform/s than the audio stands rejected and may not be published on those platforms. However in such case, Lucky Horze provides guidance to the artist to make the necessary changes and re-apply for distribution. This is to note that if any platform rejects any audio, it doesn't mean that the audio stands rejected by all platforms. The audio will still be published on those platforms where it meets the required publishing criteria.


The statement/invoice will be shared with the client as generated by the platforms on registered e-mail id. If the product is unable to generate minimum required revenue from the distributed platforms due to insufficient views, downloads, streaming, etc. then the client will get the revenue disbursement as and when the product will generate minimum required revenue which may set up from the second period of disbursement in rare cases.


Video songs and other video projects as films, web series or any other video based media are treated more carefully and their payouts differ from audio revenue generation. Lucky Horze guarantees to invent the best deal possible and we will reach out to you personally to explain all the specifics. 

You can submit basic project info in the submit section or can directly contact us.

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